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What Should I Blog About?

Category: Guides, SEO Tips

This guide explains the potential of a blog or ‘news’ page on your business’s website. It suggests inspiration for your articles and advises on how to prime them for your readers and search engines. Enjoy!

How to write, research and plan a blog

Why You Should Hire A Human To Develop Your Website in 2017

Category: Discussion

The case for why you should hire a person, not a robot, to design and develop your business’s website.

Get a human to develop your website in 2017

Merry Christmas 2016

Category: News

A quick thanks and season’s greeting to my clients, peers and readers for Christmas 2016.

Merry Christmas 2016 From Norwich Web Design Agency Phase Three Goods

Another Reason The Date Shows Up In Your SERP/Meta Description

Category: SEO Tips

A recent find on why the date shows up in certain SERPs and meta descriptions, despite having evergreen page content.

Why the date shows in your SERP

Spotify, Streaming & The Listener’s Adventure

Category: Discussion, Music

From the smartphone fan to the musical cognoscenti, streaming has changed the way we listeners behave. Is it a source of endless wonder, or is it limited by the paradox of choice?

How has music streaming affected listener behaviour?

Brexit, EU Internet Regulations & The Cookie

Category: Discussion

Let’s examine the effect Brexit will have on European privacy regulations, specifically the cookie disclaimer. Will it leave, or will it remain?

Brexit impact on EU cookie regulations

How To Make a Custom Font From Your Handwriting

Category: Discussion, Guides

Behold, a guide for creating a personalised computer font based on your handwriting. Good news if you’re a calligrapher, not so for those with a thin, spidery scrawl.

Creating a custom, personalised font from your handwriting

FTP Details Explained

Category: Guides

An overview of File Transfer Protocol software, also known as FTP. It can be used to add and remove files, edit your website content and make changes to important settings in your server.

FTP Details Explained

Website Pre-Launch Checklist

Category: Guides

Ready to launch your website? In the name of thoroughness, here is a list of things to check before sharing it with the public – from Google Analytics to site backups, meta tags and contact forms.

Website Pre-Launch Checklist

Tips To Improve Your Website Speed

Category: Guides, SEO Tips

Every nugget of time counts – speed up your website with these page speed tips. We’ll look at optimising your images, website caching, hosting options and setting up a CDN.

Improve your website speed