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What Is Norfolk ProHelp?

Norfolk ProHelp is a community interest company that allocates support to the county’s charities and nonprofit ventures. Its membership consists of local firms whose collective skillset are the building blocks to running a successful enterprise.

Through each member’s niche, Norfolk ProHelp ensures that charities get the support, advice and services they need. Members include lawyers, accountants, surveyors, architects, designers and writers – a professional melting pot eager to help on a pro bono basis.

Who Do They Support?

Norfolk ProHelp support those whose work has a direct positive impact on the communities they serve. The county is brimming with worthy causes staffed by tireless, dedicated volunteers. These range from museums and heritage projects to community centres, advocacy groups, sports clubs and local charities.

With limited funding, these groups do not necessarily have access to the full range of services required to run their operation – be that marketing, legal advice, financial services or construction. Norfolk ProHelp work on a task-by-task basis to match professional firms with charities and give them a deserved boost.

Recent Projects

Why This Is A Good Thing

Norfolk is not so large that work is completed in isolation; the benefits of firms and charities working together has a ripple effect throughout the community.

By lending their time to projects, firms get more personally invested in the causes, thus binding the business and voluntary sectors closer together. Acquaintances are made, problems solved and the firms invariably benefit from the contacts, referrals and heightened profile of a job-well-done. It’s a sociable and community-enriching alternative to simply writing a cheque and letting the charity get on with it.

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Chaired by Norse Group, Norfolk ProHelp’s 40+ members include Mills & Reeve (law), John Plummer Partnership (structural engineers) and Larking Gowen (accounting) to name a few. The list is ever growing, as are the charities that directly benefit from their support.

Read more about Norfolk ProHelp’s acquisition of CIC status at New Anglia LEP.

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If you run a local business and feel like lending your support, get in touch via their website