Get a human to develop your website in 2017

You Are Reading: Phase Three Goods Blog Why You Should Hire A Human To Develop Your Website in 2017

There are lots of ways you can build a website in 2017, many of which do not require humans. Drag n’ drop site builders are insentient, robotic and decidedly unfleshy; you can go from start to finish without speaking to anyone at all!

With hundreds of themes, millions of customers and adverts on every platform, it’s tempting to jump aboard the Squarespace, Weebly or Wix bandwagons. Ads like this make it look so easy, right? Right?!

Sometimes, easy doesn’t cut it. Sometimes, there’s a suspicion that easy is a shortcut past thorough.

Getting a website built has become a non-issue. Building it well, that’s something else. I put forward that right now, the best thing to build your website is a human. Whether that’s a lone developer, a creative couple or a big digital agency, it pays to be taken care of especially when the website represents your business.

Websites Make The First Impression For You

In business, making a good first impression is crucial. Your handshake, your manner and your treatment of the customer will be gauged in seconds. In the realm of the physical, you control this meeting. On the web, you entrust it to your site.

Your website says hi to the customer. It guides them through your business. It walks them through your company history, outlines your philosophy and gives viewers a flavour of your services. If the meeting goes well, it drops the customer at the contact page and they ping you a message.

Consider this: can the culmination of your business plan, target audience and market research be manifested in an off-the-shelf theme? Is your personal drive represented by an all-in-one ‘bundle’ with five customisable colours?

If the answer is yes, there are plenty of themes out there to choose from. Go robots!

If the answer is no, then chances are that your design does not yet exist. It needs a living, breathing creator to give it the spark of life. That spark is the creativity, experience and meticulous research we call design.

To Develop Your Website, Precision Is Painstaking

A developer is like a tailor; they’ll make you a website that fits and functions perfectly. They won’t needlessly bloat your pages with catchall scripts, nor will they allow you to upload massive images without considering the loading speed.

A bespoke website is the product of cognition. The maker – be that a person or agency – must consciously decide what to include or omit in the build. That kind of curation must be done on the back-end, and is by and large unachievable with rigid WYSIWYG editors.

A prepackaged theme gives you quick, likeable results. Its purpose is not to give others access and make pernickety SEO changes. Such access is forbidden. We don’t want experts getting where they shouldn’t! Lord knows we had enough of those last year.

A Developer’s Business Is Helping Businesses

A developer will make you a great website, on that I’m confident. What’s more is they can provide the key peripheral services such as branding, marketing and content creation.

Remember, our day-to-day job revolves around helping other businesses take that leap online. In doing so we’ll learn about your trade, your services and your competitors. We’ll research it, write about it and when we’re done, we’ll make a song and dance about it! It’s a personable kind of thoroughness that you can’t get from a cold, calculated machine.

I’m not saying all themes are terrible, or that they can’t be customised into suitable solutions. I’ve had a wonderful time with Genesis and Elegant Themes in the past and look forward to more of that in 2017. However, if you wish to tick all the quality standards, address all the ranking factors and boast a truly unique product, then you’ll definitely need a human on your journey.