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The Norfolk ProHelp annual breakfast took place today at the Park Farm Hotel in Hethersett. As was the case last year, the venue was excellent and the food delicious. Many thanks to the hosts for their hard work catering to 50+ hungry attendants.

What Is The Norfolk ProHelp Breakfast?

The purpose of the annual breakfast is to showcase the year’s projects, to celebrate the charities that benefit, and to bring together members and clients under one roof. While we member firms are proud contributors to ProHelp, our varying trades mean we don’t often cross paths. The breakfast is an opportunity to touch base with fellow members and reenforce the incentives we joined in the first place.

Right Reverend Graham James, Lord Bishop Of Norwich

Opening the talks was the Reverend Graham James, Lord Bishop of Norwich. Reverend James spoke about the isolated rural pockets in Norfolk, the institutions that bind them together, and the importance of the service industry in helping connect the dots. It was a well-considered and inspiring talk, fittingly delivered by one of the county’s key spokespeople.

Case Studies: Your Own Place, The Matthew Project, The Restoration Trust

The annual breakfast includes case studies that allow firms and charities to showcase what they’ve been up to. They help provide a snapshot of the type of projects ProHelp have brokered over the year.

Naked Marketing created a stunning website for the homeless charity Your Own Place. Launching in December, the site will give positive reenforcement to young people, with an emphasis on achieving the everyday goals we all strove towards growing up. Following that, LSI Architects helped establish premises for the support group The Matthew Project, who assist in drug and alcohol recovery in the local area. Finally, NPS Group assisted with the business and legal documentation for The Restoration Trust. They too support vulnerable groups, in this case by providing culture therapy to people suffering from mental health conditions.

The recurring theme with all 3 case studies was how easily the member firms were convinced to get on board. Such good work is being done by the charities that the pro-bono basis invites itself. There’s no doubt that this kind of arrangement is mutually beneficial; as Ben Handford of Naked Marketing pointed out, a key part of a healthy business is the happiness of its staff. Participating in these kind of projects ensures these needs are met, and that the community benefits as a whole.

Today’s breakfast highlighted the efforts of Norfolk ProHelp, and reenforced the reasons I originally joined: local firms helping worthy causes. It’s a delightful way to end the week, and a fitting start to the festive season. My thanks and congratulations to Julie Grimmer, newly appointed chair of the committee, all members firms, the charities, the hosts and sponsors Norse Group.