Websites For Film Makers

YouTube and Vimeo are great platforms for people to enjoy your film. However, with video embedding you can plant the frame into an even nicer environment, filled with your specific information, credits, branding and film stills. Visitors can go on an interactive journey through your storyboards, browse your stills in a picture gallery, or view cast and crew bios in a slick popup window.

Film Marketing Materials

The film isn’t limited to what’s on the screen. Your logo, flyers and banners all add to the cinema-going experience. Marketing campaigns involve various print pieces made in a short timeframe. Whether you need a fully fledged website, poster design or merely a few screenshots put through Photoshop, I am happy to help.

Features & Services

  • Film stills put through Photoshop to cut out actors, landscapes or CGI effects
  • Flashy, vibrant websites that draw in critics and viewers alike
  • Film poster designs, press material and web banners created
  • SEO and social media to help promote your film online