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How Much Does A Website Cost?

No two websites are the same; a modest gardening blog is understandably cheaper than a mammoth 50 page online store. For that reason it’s not helpful to disclose prices publicly until I know more about your project.

Before work begins, we tally exactly what you need from your website: page quota, content management, SEO, image editing – the list goes on. I then propose a fixed price for everything we’ve discussed. That price will be written into a formal proposal before work begins, and will change only if the project grows arms and legs.

To calculate the costs I have created a detailed form that allows you to fill in these details. My clients are mostly small businesses and freelancers, so I do try to keep things as affordable as possible.

How Long Does A Website Take To Build?

Like its price, a website’s timeframe cannot be pinned down until the details have been ironed out. That said, the average turnaround for a website lies in the 4-8 week mark.

A large part of the process depends on the client’s response. So, if you’re quick to reply and detailed in feedback, that helps the job move much quicker.

What Should I Prepare For The Website?

Pages, photographs, design inspiration and competitors, to name a few. I’ve written a guide prepping you on what to supply for the website to begin.

How Is My Website Previewed?

Early visuals will be shown as static mockups designed in Photoshop. You’ll be given free reign over feedback, after which I will preview the next version on a password-protected ‘live’ server. That will be our test area, revision after revision, until you’re 100% happy. The site will then be migrated across to your hosting provider and prepped for launch.

A ‘coming soon’ splash screen gives audiences a flavour of your new look. If you like I can add one of these to your host while the website is being developed.

Will My Site Work On Mobile?

Absolutely. Mobile browsing is overtaking the big screen and with Mobile Friendly being a known ranking factor it’s crucial that you appear professional from every angle. Designs will scale down gracefully for all devices – whether laptop, desktop, tablet, smartphone or anything in between.

Do You Redesign/Fix Old Websites?

Yes. New trends surface every year, and many websites are in need of a good renovation. I can remake your entire website while preserving its SEO and link structure. I also work on, fix and modify prebuilt themes and templates.

Where Do I Find Stock Photos?

You can find commercial-use photographs at Gratisography, Morguefile and Pixabay among others. Icons and clip art can be found at Open Clipart and Public Domain Clip Art. For premium stock photographs I would recommend iStock.

Failing that, you can also send smart phone/camera photos to me and I’ll run them through Photoshop. It’s amazing what a little bit of editing can do.

For more information about which images to use on your website, click here.

Hosting, Domains, Technical

What Do I Need To Run A Website?

The minimum requirements are a hosting provider and domain name. You must be signed up to both of these – and have logins available – in order for me to launch your website. You can read more about setting yourself up here.

What Hosting Service Should I Use?

I’ve worked with dozens of hosts, ranging from the very best to the utmost insufferable. In all my experience I’d recommend a UK company called TSO Host. Their servers are super speedy, their support fantastic, and their prices very affordable.

With that in mind, I am happy to work with any provider that you settle for. I would just encourage that you check user reviews before signing up, as there are some real stinkers out there!

Search Engine Optimisation

Will My Content Be Optimised For Google?

If I’m coding it from scratch, your website will be written in SEO-friendly HTML5 code that honours the good practices encouraged by Google. This sets a good foundation for your written copy.

Beyond its build, your site will require carefully written, well-researched content. If you are providing this then great – I will add it to your site and make recommendations if needed. You will have the ability to alter heading tags and input all the usual meta data that is encouraged in on-page SEO.

If I am writing your content, we will discuss the niche keywords that you wish to be searched for. Pages will be written and optimised with these specific terms in mind.

For more information about the day-to-day running of your SEO, please see these guides.

Will My Website Be Fast?

Yes! With the right hosting package, most of my client’s websites run very fast. Page speed is an important factor to SEO, and your site must load seamlessly on mobile as well as desktop.

Where possible, code is minified and content cached so that the site loads as quickly as possible. I only use third party plugins where necessary, and if they’re not needed on specific pages I will remove their respective scripts.

All the photos you wish to use will be compressed and resized so that they don’t needlessly bloat the website. Again, this helps cut loading times.

The above depend on a good hosting provider. I have provided my own recommendations here. If you require help migrating your website or setting up a CDN I am happy to do that.

For a taster of good loading speed, why not try this site on GTMetrix?


When Are You Available?

I am available Monday – Friday, 9am – 6pm. I respond to queries pretty quickly, so feel free to drop me a message.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

I accept BACs transfer, PayPal and cash payments. If we are working on a freelance website such as PeoplePerHour I will accept payment in accordance with their terms and conditions.

I Don't Know What I Need!

Worry not! I appreciate that not everybody is joined to the hip with their computer. If you’re unsure about something we can have a chat over the phone, Skype or in person and go over your questions. My clients come from a range of backgrounds and computer literacy, and I understand that website jargon can be unnerving.