Freelance Web Designer In Norwich 2017

Beyond Building A Website…

The work can range from big projects to small maintenance jobs. Some clients wish for a fully fledged WordPress website, complete with all the bells and whistles you would expect of 2017. Others have pages dating back to the dark ages, and need a renovation to make their website modern and mobile friendly.

Occasionally, all that’s required is a host migration, some SEO advice or a quick Photoshop of their social media banners. Though I’m very pleased with the term, online handiwork is not just a buzzphrase; the range of services is wide-ranging and caters for a variety of needs and clients.

Why hire a Freelance Web Designer?

It’s a valid question. In this day and age you can quickly assemble a website using theme builders, drag and drop editors and free templates. Why spend the time and effort paying a freelance web designer?

The answer, in a nutshell, is that everybody’s a critic. With respect to the automated templates, you can spot them a mile off. Websites are for many a first impression of the business, so it stands to reason that it should look polished, built from scratch with that business in mind.

Besides a pretty face, you’d also want your website to work under the hood – search engine optimisation, site speed, web hosting, mobile layout – the list goes on. To get the most juice out of your website, you will need access to these beyond the limitations set by free services. After all, you don’t buy a car for its paintwork, right? The more you research web development, the further you’ll appreciate its many layers, and the skill set needed by the designer.

Understandable Projects

A freelancer is one person. That means you have one point of contact, answerable to you and only you. You need not juggle between front and back end, designer and developer, writer and SEO consultant. I take on all manner of work and contain it within one project.

The same goes for changes, site updates and support; I am available and willing, and cannot hide between departments. The best business relationships are built on communication. If you live in Norwich, let’s have tea!

Small Business Friendly

The goods are local. I will always lean towards people and businesses who affect their communities. Whether promoting a musician or renovating a teashop’s website, I like to think the work leads to healthier connections. I have neither will nor manpower to chase the big spenders; my turning freelance was partly borne out of frustration with the glossy and corporate.

Freelance All Around Norfolk

I’m a contributor to the Norfolk Tech Journal, a hub of information for Norwich website designers, and have received support from the NWES Enterprise centre, whom I cannot recommend enough.

I am also a committee member at Norfolk ProHelp, a branch of Business In The Community that serves charities and nonprofit organisations. For a more ad hoc explanation of my business and web designers in general, have a listen to my interview with Norwich’s Future Radio.