Dazed Norfolk Photography Website

Creative Wedding Photography in Norwich

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Dazed Photography are exemplary clients; creative, receptive with an energetic spark I love to bounce ideas off. Based in Norwich, Dazed provide a colourful antidote to the traditional, formal modes of wedding photography.

A renovation of their old photography website, dazedphotography.com began with just the company logo. From there, we could tell the site needed bunting and a touch of quirkiness. Alongside illustrations from Aimee Paints, we created a look fitting for their alternative, cheerful photographs.

Wedding Photography Website

The owners of Dazed, Rob and Victoria, work with large photos and needed an area to showcase private online galleries for their newlywed customers. The answer to that was the client lounge – an area where high-quality photographs are uploaded with a unique, password-protected URL for wedding guests to access after the event. As Dazed now have a good grasp of how to manage their online galleries, and are able to quickly upload wedding photos during their busy Norfolk wedding seasons. It is another case in which teaching the client can be as important as designing the photography website. By project’s end, there were smiles all round on the wedding photography scene.

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