KTroo Rebound Boots Website

Rebound Boot Fitness Classes

KTroo run fitness classes in Norwich with the creative use of ‘rebound boots’: spring-powered bouncing shoes that add a healthy dollop of fun to regular exercise. It is a typical success story of UEA’s enterprising student graduates. The idea’s founder, Kate Batty, has worked long and hard developing and branding the business to accommodate children, adult and family events. When it came to developing her website, I was all too happy to help.

Developing The KTroo Brand

Although the KTroo website is built from scratch, the existing business gave the design aspect a head start. That vivid combination of orange + pink set the groundwork, while Kate provided plenty of images to bring a dash more colour to each page. Ever the entrepreneur, she drew detailed plans to every section of the website. My role, therefore, was to turn these bright neon PDFs into workable, interactive pages that responded across devices and allowed the site owner to log in and make changes herself.

Launch & Future

Now that the site is launched, Kate is able to login and edit all she needs to – whether the slideshow images, posting new blogs or managing her SEO via the dashboard. If you take part in one of the KTroo fitness classes, you will instantly recognise the same bright colours and enthusiasm that you will see reading her website. Like Kangoo Jumps, I expect KTroo to become synonymous with good healthy fun. From one UEA graduate to another, I wish Kate the best of luck and look forward to watching the website flourish!

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