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Business As Usual

If you’ve tried the traditional providers, you’ll be understandably frustrated with the limitations of business card design. It’s all very predictable – name goes here, strap-line goes there – and in a pile full of competitors these don’t jump out. I have a drawer full of cards in my office and, speaking from experience, it’s easy to see which were made professionally and which were drag n’ dropped.

I offer an affordable, bespoke business card design service. Using the right dimensions and measurements, you have full creative freedom over how to project your brand to customers. Whatever your business, we’ll make sure the essential information is displayed attractively and legibly, making the best use of that small space.

Creative Business Cards Welcome

There’ll be no rigid layouts here; you’re encouraged to think beyond the norm. If you want something unusual, pear-shaped or bizarre then let me know! While it’s handy to keep the traditional dimensions (3.5″ x 2″, in case you’re asking), other shapes can stand you out from the crowd. Minicards are growing popular, whilst some look for large, flyer-sized cards to leave a firm impression on clients.

business card samples

Revisions and variations are encouraged – business cards for West Handyman in London

Business Card Templates

If you’re representing a larger company and need the same design across your team or employees, I can provide multiple versions of the same business card template at a discount. Get in touch for more information about this. The same goes for individuals wanting variations that represent different facets of their skill or service.

Stationery Design

Besides business cards, custom stationery and digital documents are also encouraged – be they letterheads, email signatures, poster/flyers or HTML advertisements. Using the same base file, you can have your entire business’s branding made under one, cohesive design.