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Variety Of Purposes

I will airbrush, restore and colourise your photographs – whether for personal interest, heritage projects or to commemorate a family member. It’s of particular interest to me and I love making that contribution to archive material.

You are welcome to direct me on what colours people wore, features that should be enhanced and backgrounds that should be edited or removed. Alternatively, I am happy to use my hunch and colourise the photo according to what seems appropriate.

Lon Chaney in clown makeup, circa 1924

Lon Chaney in clown makeup, circa 1924.

Family History in Colour

An obvious use of colourised photos is for family history and personal archives. Many households have a wealth of old photographs, some of which have faded or been damaged over time. A colorised photograph of days gone by can make a great gift and will bring a wonderful sense of nostalgia to a relative.

These make particularly good gifts over Christmas, or to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries.

Family photo colourised

Getting colourised photos of relatives can make a wonderful gift

Colourised History in Photographs

It’s a profound thing, seeing a World War photograph transformed in colour. The abundance of black and white images from that era have been engrained in our collective memory. That desaturation takes us out of the realism and, in my opinion, mutes the impact of the photo.

In the advent of photo colourisation, all that has changed and we’re able to see the photograph and its context in a new light.

World War 1 Soldier colourised

Colourised photo of a soldier in the First World War