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Copywriters Explained

On the face of it, copywriting can seem a little underwhelming. It’s just words after all, right? Actually, great thought and detail go into making a website’s content legible and effective. Not only must it read well, communicate to the customer and give your business a bit of flair, it must also have the keywords to move your website up Google, Bing and whoever else is in charge of the world. The clue is in the name; keyword-density is key to pulling in those hits for SEO.

Who Needs Copywriting Services?

Besides the technical benefits, freelance copywriting has other perks. For those too busy to write a blog, hiring a freelancer is a blessing. Others might find writing a little uncomfortable, or might not use English as their first language. They’ll find the help of a copywriter to be supportive.

Though I write most of my articles in Norwich, it is of course possible for me to offer it remotely – perks of the internet you see.

I can research and write blog posts, guides and opinion pieces on your industry. We’ll first chat about your business and competitors, set some targets then produce the necessary content for your website. Having picked the most effective, competitive keywords, I will make sure every document is tailored to your audience, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the increased traffic from readers-turned-customers.

SEO Friendly

My writing is copyscaped, SEO-friendly and ranks highly in online Flesch scores. As well as words on the page, I can also provide keyword-focused meta titles and descriptions, content strategy for your website and thorough rich snippets.

Besides the content you see on this website, I also keep a WordPress blog. Between the two, there should be enough copywriting to give you a flavour of my style. If you like what you read, get in touch and we’ll make an arrangement that suits your business.

With all of the above in mind, I would still encourage blog and business owners to try their hand at writing. It’s liberating, it’s fun and it encourages good habits for the day-to-day running of your website. If you’re not sure how to start, take a look at this guide on how to plan a blog.