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Photo Enhancements and Adjustments

Red eyes, blemishes, blurring and unwanted obstacles can taint an otherwise lovely photograph. These can be cleaned and tweaked according to your needs. Skin can be smoothened, smiles brightened and eyes brought to life. It’s a similar process behind Photoshop Editing, whereby products are made to pop out and colours edited to bring out best subject.

Additionally, the photo’s colour and shade levels will be adjusted to best reflect the subject. You’d be surprised what can be brought out of an old photograph with the right balance. A dress can be made bright and vivid – the centre of attention – or you can give photographs that mottled, vintage filter.

Photographs scanned and digitally formatted

All pieces are carefully scanned and processed, giving you full-size, detailed copies of your photographs for later use. These can be transferred digitally or put on a CD for you to show the family. Having discussed the photos with you, I’ll make sure you’re supplied with the correct format and dimensions for the final print.

Wartime photo restored in Photoshop

Wartime photograph restored in Photoshop.

Old Photos Restored

By their nature, old photographs are worn and rough; they’re likely to have been in storage for many years, dog-eared and scuffed from handing down the generations. Even with careful handling, family photos fade over time and colour, contrast and details get lost.

What’s needed is a digital brushup, whereby scratches are removed to get the old photo restored and looking as clean as possible. It’s subtle, but makes a huge change in quality. Even ugly tears across the photograph can be digitally stitched together and appear as if they were never there.

old photograph restoration

Damaged portrait photograph, before and after.

Photographs In Colour

While it might seem like sorcery, colourisation is merely a case of trial and error, painstakingly applying shades and colour that bring a black and white photograph to life. It’s a wonderful process – historically and sentimentally – and one I enjoy greatly. Read more about the process here.