SEO Consulting

A website’s success is determined not just by looks, but by the thoroughness of its SEO and content strategy.

In simple, digestible steps, I can help boost your website’s ranking using proven and trusted methods. My SEO services have a broad spectrum: from copywriting and detailed competitor research, to back-end edits to your code, speed tests and structured data markup.

New Sites Ready For Index

If I’m developing the site myself, your SEO treatment will begin with the broad strokes. We’ll discuss your business – big or small – and find where the customers come from. We’ll assign each page’s role and decide which phrases it should rank for. The right keywords will then be sprinkled into your copy, metadata and rich snippets. This will happen during the design phase so that you launch with a solid foundation.

I like to think we are ‘equipping’ your website for battle; it begins its life cycle armoured with the right SEO tools, so that its first submission on Google is a strong one. After launch, we monitor your site’s progress as the domain becomes trusted and pages are indexed. The site is constantly tweaked according to your industry, so that over time you fill the most appropriate search queries. As well as onsite optimisation, I also offer support for third party tools such as Google Search Console, Analytics, Adwords and social media.

Improving Site Speed

Your website’s loading time is increasingly important to its performance on Google, and that’s often where webmasters fall short. Based on a variety of factors – from gzip compression and image downgrading to code minifying and caching – I can quicken your site’s speed and give it a better chance at being noticed by the bots.

SEO Audit For Existing Websites

For existing websites, I’ll begin with a thorough audit. You will be sent a document explaining every area for improvement, from which you may pick and choose where to progress. I appreciate that SEO is an ambiguous and sometimes complicated field, so each task is broken down as clearly as possible, while the expert (that’s me) is an email or phone call away. The type of work includes…

  • Meta titles and descriptions optimised
  • Alt and title tags on images and outbound links
  • Content strategy and consultation
  • Rich snippets and structured data
  • Keyword-targeted, professional copywriting with good keyword density
  • Serverside edits; 301 redirects, 404 patches, file extensions tidied, GZIP compression and more
  • Removal of inline CSS and Javascript
  • Support redirecting SSL certificates
  • Website transfers and migration
  • Backlinks Vetting & Disavowing
  • Site Speed Testing & Improvement
  • Site Caching & Cloudflare Support
  • Image Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation: A Complex Practice

An incalculable number of tasks are needed to boost your website’s search rankings. These range from edits to the source code, loading speed, keyword density, images and the website’s wider backlinks across the net.

All these are done in homage to the great god of Google (or Bing, if that floats your boat). Their complex algorithms decide what is and isn’t worthy of a healthy listing. SEO is therefore ruled by common sense, educated guesses and a knowledge of how these things work. Contrary to some beliefs, it’s not simply slapping visitors with the same keyword a dozen times.

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