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Redesigning Your Website

There are many reasons for website redesign services. Sometimes, the owner wants a makeover that feels more ‘current’. Parallax is pretty ‘in’ these days, as is flat ergonomic design. You might want to switch WordPress themes, move to a new CMS or just change the top banner. Often, it’s to unearth the old. Many websites have fixed layouts and don’t work with Google’s mobile-ready algorithm. Whatever the reason, the important first step is mapping out where you’re falling behind, and what you’d like done to improve things.

Switching To CMS

More and more people are shifting to WordPress or other CMS providers. These give users better control over their content, SEO and website features, making business owners feel more ‘hands on’ about their online presence. Using your existing website as a guideline, I can convert its layout into a WordPress theme, import the content into a database then repackage it as a CMS-ready website.

Alternatively, I can transfer your existing website into a new premium theme, such as those provided by Studio Press or Theme Forest. Either way, the website would be carefully preserved to leave your SEO and page structure intact. Thereafter, you’ll have better control over advanced features such as meta tags, media management and updating your blog.

From Hobbyist to Business

Many business owners begin with a service provider like Squarespace or Weebly. While these don’t necessarily allow much freedom, it’s actually a good way to get acquainted with web design. Inevitably, there’ll come a time when you’ll want greater control, or you’re dissatisfied with the prebuilt templates provided by such services. Myself and other developers are there for when you want to shift from a hobbyist’s page to a website tailored to your passion.

website renovation to WordPress

Example of a website makeover in WordPress – original, updated theme then branded makeover to Genesis