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Why Use a WordPress Website?

There are others out there, but WordPress is arguably the best equipped, adaptable and simplest CMS for most businesses. To put it in numbers, WordPress powers roughly 23% of the top 100 million websites in the world. The next contender, Joomla, powers just 3%.

What does this mean for you? It means that with such widespread use, WordPress has the greatest range of plugins, custom themes and features to add to your website. Having a WordPress website means your small business will have all the tools at its disposable: be that selling products, displaying an online showroom or taking surveys with advanced contact forms. Support is readily available, and with the right settings the site will be in fine form for climbing up the search engines.

Maintaining your content is straightforward. The bit leading up to it – designing and developing a WordPress website – is where I come in. Once we’ve discussed your needs and how you’d like to manage things online, I will develop a website tailor-made for your business. If it means creating custom post types, categories and taxonomies, that’s fine.

WordPress for the Client

Services such as backups, SEO, image portfolios, contact forms and content management can be done through an admin panel. It bypasses all the jargon and allows you to stay in control of your website without having to meddle with any code. More importantly, it will make you comfortable about updating your website, rather than rely on a WordPress developer. With a bit of guidance and practice, you’ll be optimising your SEO and blogging regularly.

wordpress web development

The site is developed in PHP, while the output will be semantic HTML5 and CSS3, with appropriate use of jQuery for dynamic features. All websites are fully responsive.

Custom WordPress Themes

As standard, I build WordPress themes from scratch and revolve them around your business. That way, every aspect of the site is yours. Custom post types can be created for whatever you do – be that recipes, services, portfolio work or something else. That also means less clutter, a faster site and structured data that revolves around your industry.

If you offer a teaching service, custom menus will be created to make adding lessons easy. If you’re a photographer and like an up-to-date portfolio, I will design a system that allows you to archive and show off your work. If you run events, shows or gigs and need regular listings, I will make it as easy as logging in, filling in the right forms and clicking publish.

Premium/Premade Templates

You are welcome to go shopping for premium themes and have me set everything up. That could mean installing the theme as is or customising it to suit your exact needs. Many projects begin as WordPress templates and evolve into hybrid websites that are unrecognisable from their vanilla origins.

Upgrading To WordPress

CMS websites are rising in popularity, so naturally business owners are flocking to upgrade their websites to WordPress. If you need such a service I am happy to convert your original setup into a WordPress website. That can be a pixel-to-pixel conversion, or an opportune renovation of your old design.

Wordpress website image portfolio

Helping a client upload photos to her online image portfolio. This particular website was a custom theme, and can be viewed in detail here.