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Product Retouching

One of the biggest needs for Photoshop editing is your product – whether that be an apple pie, a car or your personal coaching. Much as we think smart phones can take a decent photo, put alongside a professional website these images can look a little…grainy. I can enhance the levels on your photograph, putting highlights and shadows in just the right place to make your product appear professionally photographed.

Background Removal

It’s hard to reach that showroom sheen without hiring a whole lighting rig. Try as you might, sometimes a photo is marred by its surroundings. I can remove background objects and clutter so that your photograph is given the attention it needs. I will then add professional lighting and shadow effects to give your object that finished shine.

Background removal in Photoshop

A standard photo taken on an everyday camera can be modified to create a polished, showroom-ready image

Digital Airbrushing

Consultants, coaches and businesspeople often use their own likeness to advertise a professional service. When there’s not a professional photographer to take the picture, using an old camera photo can look a little off putting. Do not underestimate what a little bit of Photoshop editing can do and what difference that will make to your professional profile.

Alternatively, you might be a newlywed with packs of wedding photographs that require retouching. That could mean tidying up somebody’s complexion, straightening their tie or even cropping out their mobile phone!

Selective Colours in Greyscale

An oft-used technique is to apply selective colour effects to black and white images. This can help bring out aspects of your image, highlight a service or create an attractive effect for brochures, flyers and online banners.

Creative Photoshop Editing

There is a colourful and funny flipside to corporate branding and crisp, professional stock photos. If you have unusual Photoshop requests, be that for a party, a prank or merely to turn yourself into a pirate, let me know.

Photoshop retouching services

Retouching requests can err on the bizarre!